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November 15, 2021

Mrs. N. N. Light's Review

The Bloodshed of the Betrayed is an emotional story about the gift of emotions and their torment once stripped away. A. L. Slade takes everything we know, or thought we knew, about angels and recreates it to fit her imagined universe. Laramie is an intriguing character and I connected with her. The romance is a pure joy to read and reconfirmed my belief that love is love. The addictive plot moves at a great pace with unexpected twists. The world-building along with the emotional narration makes The Bloodshed of the Betrayed an unputdownable read. This is book one in a series, and I honestly can't wait to read more. A. L. Slade is a gifted writer and I look forward to seeing what she writes next. If you're looking for a diverse fantasy with depth, pick up The Bloodshed of the Betrayed. If you're looking for a fantasy adventure you won't be able to put down, pick up The Bloodshed of the Betrayed. Highly recommend! 

My Rating: 5+ stars

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