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October 11, 2021

Mohit Sharma's Review

Hey readers, 'The Bloodshed of the Betrayed' is an engaging YA fantasy story by author A. L. Slade. It's a story about an angel who [can't] do anything to save her loved one, and from the start, the author [presents] this story in a twisted way that [has] everyone wanting to read till the end. In this book, you will get mixed emotions of love, connection, and fear, and this unmatchable angelic book script gives you a unique reading experience... 

I found Maggie's character so sweet throughout the book, and the situations she faces can easily attach any reader to her. The book's flow is so smooth and the author's descriptive story-telling style makes it more creative beyond imagination. A. L. Slade is a 17-year-old author, and [even] at this young age, she writes this type of YA fantasy story, which is totally appreciable. You really need to check out her work, [it's] gold for all YA fantasy lovers.

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